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History of The Knifemakers' Guild

    The Knifemakers' Guild traces its early beginning to February 1970 when a gentleman named A.G. Russell secured tables at the Sahara Gun Show in Las Vegas, Nevada and invited several knifemakers to display knives there.  The show proved profitable in many ways and the knifemakers parted, eager to get together again.

    Later that year, eleven knifemakers met in Tulsa, Oklahome to form the Knifemakers' Guild:  John Applebaugh, Walter "Blackie" Collins, John Nelson Cooper, Dan Dennehy, T.M. Dowell, Chubby Hueske, Jon Kirk, R.W. Loveless, John Owens, Jim Pugh and G.W. Stone.  R.W. Loveles was elected secretary for a year and A.G. Russell was made Honorary President.

    The purposes for the Guild were, and continue to be to promote custom knives and knifemakers, to assist technically, to encourage ethical and professional business conduct, to sponsor an annual business meeting and knife show.

    Today the Knifemakers' Guild has members from the United States and several foreign countries.  Member meet once a year to conduct Guild business, elect officers and display their work at the annual show.  Hundreds of collectors, investors and sportsmen from around the world attned the Knifemakers' Guild Show each year to view and purchase quality handmade knives and to meet their favorite artists and craftsmen.

Current Knifemakers' Guild Board of Directors

Gene Baskett, President
Wayne G. Hensley, Vice-President
Bill Wiggins, Treasurer
Charlie B. Mathews, Secretary
R. Edmund Davidson, Director
William C. "Bill" Johnson, Director
Jerry Moen, Director
Calvin Robinson, Director

Past Presidents

A.G. Russell - Honorary
Fred J. Carter
T.M. "Ted" Dowell
George H. Herron
Gilbert W. "Gil" Hibben
D'Alton Holder

James B. "Jimmy" Lile
Robert W. "Bob" Loveless
William F. "Bill" Moran, Jr.
Jim Nolen
Alfred Pendray
Eugene W. Shadley
Buster Warenski


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