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Judging for the 2018 International Custom Cutlery Exposition Awards will take place at the I.C.C.E. Reception in Bar M on Thursday, September 27, at 6 pm. All KMG and ABS show participants, ABS board members and their spouses, Honorary and Associate members are invited to attend. All awards will be judged at this reception by their fellow makers. 

(6 pm-knives in place; 7 pm-end of judging; 7:15 pm-award announcements)

Awards will be presented for the following at the International Custom Cutlery Exposition.

International Custom Cutlery Exposition Awards 2018
Award Categories Open to Table Holders
(Awards to be voted on by all attendees at the reception on Thursday night.  The awards will be announced at the reception.)

Best of Show

Best Art Knife

Best Fixed Blade

Best Folder

Best Combat Knife

Best Hunter

Best Bowie Knife

        Best Collaboration

Best Damascus


The Moran Memorial Damascus Award

This award will be judged on damascus pattern and overall design.
(It will be in a separate category just for American Bladesmith Society members and will be judged only by ABS table holders.)

Judging for the Knifemakers Guild Awards will take place on Friday, September 28th.

The Knifemakers'Guild's Awards Categories 2018

Best Art Knife

Best Bowie

Best Dressed Dagger

Best Fighter

Best Folder

Best Hunter

Best Multi Blade Folder

Best Tactical Folder

Best Collaboration Award (new category)

Judges' Choice

Nate Posner Award
(this award is chosen by the Board of Directors)

Red Watson Friendship Award
(this award is voted on by the Voting Guild Membership)

There are two private awards, which have their own standards of judging, that will be presented at the ICCE.

The Aldo and Edda Lorenzi Award

The Herman "Hank" Rummell Memorial Award
(Best First Year Probationary Maker)



Past Winners

International Custom Cutlery Expo Awards 2017
Best of Show - Bruce Bump
Best Art Knife - Gary Mulkey
Best Fixed Blade - Travis Wuertz
Best Folder - Johnny Stout
Best Combat Knife - Shayne Carter
Best Hunter - Jerry Moen
Best Bowie Knife - Bill Burke
Best Collaboration - Bruce Bump/Brian Bump
Best Damascus - Bill Burke
Moran Memorial Damascus Award - Bill Burke

Knifemakers Guild Awards 2017
Red Watson Award - Les Adams
Nate Posner Award - Bradley Stalsmith
Aldo and Edda Lorenzi Award - Gene Baskett
Best Art Knife - Jim Provost
Best Bowie -   Paul LeBatard
Best Fighter - Milko Di Paco
Best Dressed Fighter - Wayne Hensley
Best Folder - Calvin Robinson
Best Multi-Blade Folder - Tom Ploppert
Best Tactical Folder - Michael Zieba
Best Collaboration - Bill Ruple/Mike Tyre
Best Hunter - Denis Mura
Judges Choice Award - Milko Di Paco
Hank Rummel Memorial Award for Best First Year Probationary Member - Steve Mitchell

International Custom Cutlery Expo Awards 2016
Best of Show - Rick Eaton
Best Art Knife - Rick Eaton
Best Fixed Blade - David Lisch
Best Folder - Johnny Stout
Best Combat Knife - Harvey Dean
Best Hunter - Edmund Davidson
Best Bowie Knife - Harvey Dean
Best Collaboration - Kevin Casey/Konstantin Pushkarev
Best Damascus - David Lisch
Moran Memorial Damascus Award - David Lisch